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NEW Eco-Friendly SweetCups!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Bella Bea's will be switching their current glass mason jars to PET plastic jars! Did you know that only 20% of glass is recyclable?! That's a big no-no! The new jars are environmentally friendly and are reused up to 100%!! They are still the same size as the mason jars but have a sleek, modern, compact look to them. We truly hope you enjoy the new jars as Bella Bea's continues to always look for better alternatives to help save the planet!


  • GREENEST bottle on the planet.

  • Up to 90% weight reduction compared to glass.

  • Resistant to breakage which means they are durable AND safe; no more worrying about accidental dropping!

  • PET is hygienic and resistant to attack by micro-organisms and does not react with foods or beverages

  • Cleared for both single and repeated use by the FDA and other world health-safety agencies

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